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Case Studies

Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Services: Brand research, corporate brand identity development

Takeaway: Build the brand from the inside out.

Story: Oak Harbor Freight Lines is one of the nation's leading regional freight carriers. Their bright red trucks with the oak leaf logo can be seen through the Western US. We began working with Oak Harbor Freight Lines a few years ago to help them understand their employees' perceptions of the brand. From that research, we assisted Oak Harbor with articulating their values and communicating those throughout the organization. From that internal brand work we have worked with them to develop an external brand platform that represents well their 90 plus years of service and commitment to trust and excellence.

With Oak Harbor Freight Lines, they have weathered the recent difficult economic times and come out strong in part because of their commitment to live out their brand first and foremost internally and then ensure that it gets translated accurately to external customers as well.





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