Focus on the Family

Services: Internet strategy, marketing strategies, multiple ministry brands, program development, email marketing strategy and execution, usability testing, and multiple Web site redesigns

Takeaway: Increase effectiveness and results by connecting internal areas and seeing the issues from the audience’s perspective.

Story: Focus on the Family is one of the nation’s leading family-oriented organizations.

Our initial work with Focus on the Family began in 1999 with the development of a comprehensive Internet strategy for the ministry. Since then, we have assisted the organization in numerous ways ranging from brand identity development and implementation projects for ministry areas such as Plugged In, Focus on Your Child and to Web site strategy, design and development for these and other sites including the redesign of their entire flagship Web site. We have also created marketing strategies for areas such as The Truth Project and developed and implemented a comprehensive e-mail marketing strategy for the whole organization. Recently, we have guided the Voice of the Orphan Campaign for Focus, Family Life, Shaohannah’s Hope and a coalition of over 40 other organizations and created The Thriving Kids Roadmap, an online assessment that helps guide parents on how to raise successful kids.

FOur value to Focus on the Family has been, in part, connecting the dots among their multiple ministry areas for greater internal alignment and helping them to understand and view their ministry and marketing efforts from their audience’s perspective resulting in both increased revenue and impact.