Grand Pacific Resorts

Services: Corporate brand identity development, product/resort naming, marketing strategy, collateral creation, large-scale environmental experience design.

Takeaway: A good brand not only distinguishes you from your competitors but can help you redefine your category.

Story: GPR is one of the largest timeshare resort companies in the western US. Our initial work with them included the development of a new brand identity, as well as assistance in creating a new approach to selling timeshares, one based more on cultivation and living out a consistent brand rather than predominantly relying on customer acquisition through telemarketing. Since that time, GPR has grown particularly in light of an environmental experience we recently created for their partnership with Hilton Grand Vacations. The result of this interactive experience was an immediate 20% increase in corresponding sales.

The lesson learned here is that a branded approach to sales and marketing, even in a difficult industry such as timeshares, can provide the unity and direction needed to make you stand out from your competitors.