Search Institute

Services: Brand research, organizational and program brand identity development, program development, collateral and Web design.

Takeaway: Live out of your strengths to increase revenue and redefine the nature of Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships.

Story: For over 60 years, Search Institute has been the recognized leader in discovering what kids need to succeed and is the creator of the 40 Developmental Assets. Because of its significant experience in positive youth development, Search was approached by the MillerCoors Brewing Company to provide credibility and an effective program to address underage drinking in the US. We were brought in by Search Institute to help refine their own brand and guide them in the process of working with a company who could potentially undermine Search’s reputation through negative associations. Our work with Search Institute in both the branding and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) areas has expanded Search Institute’s role in CSR and has also led to additional corporate sponsorships including Best Buy, Target, Capital One, General Mills and others.

With Search Institute we helped them recognize and demonstrate the strength, credibility and value of their brand to corporate sponsors. Brand:Wallop has also assisted Search Institute in expanding its reach into the consumer market through the research, strategy and Web design for, a Web site for parents and those who work with parents.